Cocos-BCX provides investors with high-quality projects to build cash flow through IGO. Meanwhile, Cocos-BCX professional engineers will build the smart contract and token economy infrastructure, including protocol-driven burns, buyback, staking incentives, dump penalties, and other mechanisms in DApp to help crypto startups to establish a financing framework. Investors can stake BEP-20 COCOS to obtain the investment amount of the project.

Participation in distribution instructions

Rules for IGO Participating

  • IGO is open for all Cocos-BCX members.
  • Members’ chance of winning a lottery varies in membership levels.
  • The successful referral will get IGO projects’ tokens as commissions.
  • IGO drawings will start after the fundraising. Users will have to make the draw and claim the result themselves, who can only withdraw their tokens or principals after making the draw and claiming the result.

1. Cocos-BCX Membership Level & Computing Power Requirement

Membership Level
Computing Power Required
Level 4
Level 3
Level 2
Level 1

2. Winning Rate

Based on the shares that users purchased, the rules are as follows:
  • Shares less than IGO amount: 100% winning rate for all users.
  • Shares outnumber IGO amount: winning rate generates randomly when users claim the result.
Membership Level & Shares
Membership Level
Level 4
Level 3
Level 2
Level 1
*Please note that users will have to claim the result of the draw by themselves in order to get rewarded tokens.

3. Rules for Referral Computing Power

  • 1st tier inviter: 50 Power
  • 2nd tier inviter: 10 Power
There are 5,000 members at present. The computer power is based on the current status without any newly added members to superpose. To maximize the profits for existing members, Cocos-BCX will control the total number of members. Please follow Cocos-BCX for a new round of member recruitment.

4. Rules for Principal Deductions when Staking COCOS

  • No Less than 30 days: No principal deduction
  • 20-30 days (incl 20 days): 1% principal deduction
  • 10-20 days (incl 10 days): 2% principal deduction
  • 5-10 days (incl 5 days): 5% principal deduction
  • Less than 5 days: 10% principal deduction

5. Rules for IGO Project Referral Commissions

With an inviter: 0.8% to the first tier inviter; 0.2% to the second tier inviter

6. Rules for Computing Power Staking and Output

  • NFT Staking
    The computing power varies in five types of NFTs. Each COCOS locked equals 1.1 to 1.8 Power.
    (This is the rule used by the old staking website.)
  • COCOS Staking
    Different amounts staked result in different powers. Each COCOS staked equals 1 Power.