Rewarding Pool

Cocos-BCX established a rewarding pool to incent active participants and long-term COCOS supporters. There is $120,000 equivalent COCOS to such incentives monthly.

Incent Long-term Staking

The staking program of COCOS is different from most projects. The tokens can be staked in the form of NFT, which needs to be locked for a period of time. Compared with the same number of staking tokens, the NFT has stronger governance rights and computing power of staking income.

Production Description

There are will be $120,000 equivalent COCOS on monthly basis, 50% will be distributed evenly to the mining pool of each corps, the other 50% will reward the corps based on their computing power proportion.
  • Source of Income
Join the team, stake COCOS directly or mint COCOS into NFT to stake.
The captain will receive 10% of the total revenue of the corps mining pool

Team Building Rules

  • Only users with Heroes NFT can build a team and become a Team Captain by staking NFT.
  • Names of this kind of Heroes NFT: Evil hero, Elements hero, Chaos hero, Dark hero, Mask hero,Fate hero, Ashing hero,Icy Hero

Dividends Rewarding Rules:

  • Users who hold COCOS NFT can pledge NFT to participate in rewarding.
  • Dividends Rewarding Efficiency is calculated based on the user's pledged computing power, the higher the computing power is, the higher the proportion of dividends is.
  • 1 COCOS = 1 Power
  • NFT Power = COCOS Par Value * Mining Efficiency
If the pledge time is less than one week, 10% of the claimed income will be deducted into the dividend pool.
  • The captain of the team built enjoys 20% of the team’s total revenue (only users who hold the hero NFT can build a team) source of this kind of NFT: evil heroes, elemental heroes, chaos heroes, dark heroes, masked heroes, destiny heroes, red flame heroes , Arctic Heroes NFT)
  • Hero NFT can only create team dividends, not pledge dividends.
  • When the captain leaves the team (withdrawing the NFT of the hero who created the team pledge), the captain's income will no longer generate income.
  • After the captain withdraws from the team, the team will no longer participate in the next round of dividends.